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Designer: MUHLE


Do you already know the joys of traditional shaving, or are you just now changing up styles? Those electronic shavers and disposable pieces of junk you find in the stores just aren't up to the task of giving you a great shave. You need a traditional piece of gear that addresses all of the needs of the modern man. Is it possible to find all of that, as well as aesthetics, today? Well, take a gander at the Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor seen here in Rosegold for your answer. Like other products from Muhle, this features high quality German craftsmanship and a beautiful overall design. The chrome combined with the Rosegold really does make for a stunning looking piece, and it could look great in your bathroom. It's not all about the looks though. You need a quality shaver that will really work well for you. Again, this product delivers. It has a great new head design, and it is a perfect choice. Whether you are going to be giving a razor as a gift or you need a new one for your own use, this product should certainly be on your radar. It offers everything you could want in a razor.


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